Feb. 16th, 2013

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Great news, everyone! One of my very favorite Two-Face stories--one which has bizarrely never been reprinted, despite the fact that it's an early work by a superstar writer--is now available as a digital comic on Comixology! Even better, it's currently on sale for just 99ยข as part of DC's Black History Month sale alongside other comics featuring John Stewart, Black Lightning, Mister Terrific, the Milestone Comics heroes, and more.

The story in question is Face to Face to Face to Face from Teen Titans Spotlight #13 (1987), written by J. Michael Straczynski*, and it was the subject of one of my very earliest reviews back when I started up [livejournal.com profile] about_faces. As a review, it hadn't aged very well. The scans were too grainy and small (why did I always post such small scans back in the day?), and what little commentary there was wasn't exactly super-insightful. It was a shabby tribute to one of the best--and yet most obscure--Two-Face stories I've ever read, and to make matters worse (or better), it was posted so early on that it only has three comments, one of which was deleted and one of which is mine. No, this story deserves better than that!

So in honor of this story finally being released in an accessible and affordable way, I have given my review of F2F2F2F a complete overhaul with full commentary and larger, cleaned-up digital scans from the Comixology issue! For all intents and purposes, this is an all-new review, so I urge everyone to please check it out even if you haven't been in Hefner-withdrawal over my recent absence. ;)

Hopefully I'll be posting some new stuff again within the next week or two, but I make no promises. Thanks to everyone for your continued readership and all your thoughtful comments! Looking back on how few followers I had early on just makes me all the more grateful for everyone you folks bring to this little blog 'o mine, so thanks again!

*Speaking of JMS, are there any other fans of Babylon 5 out there? I just finished reading this amazing tie-in novel about Walter Koenig's character, Alfred Bester (yes, named after the sci-fi author and creator of Solomon Grundy), and I'm still reeling from the experience. As I describe in that linked Tumblr post, it's a fantastic villain-centric story that I wish I could recommend to everyone here, even to those who haven't watch B5.


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