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As my second post for 2/22 (posted at 22:22, military time!), I bring you the latest updates for the Two-Face RPG that Henchgirl has been working on (and I'm helping!). The progress has been slow and marred by all the same that have slowed down my own output here, but rest assured, it's still underway! It just may take a year. Or three. In the meantime, though, here's a taste of what we have so far!

For the game's menu image, Henchgirl took inspiration from the great Two-Face promo image from Batman Forever as well as the poster for The Shadow movie. This might just be a placeholder until she comes up with something else, but for now, snazzy!

For the title of the game itself, Henchgirl settled on "Split Decision," which fits perfectly considering that your choices between good and evil actions will greatly affect the game. Flipping an actual coin is not required, but if you ask me, it's highly recommended! They even make apps for that now. Yes, with TDK!Harvey's scarred coin and everything!

(Henchgirl says: This is complicated enough already, Boy...)

I'm just saying, they can flip the coin if they want to! It's entirely optional! Honestly, wouldn't flipping to decide gameplay be part of the appeal for a Two-Face game? I know that's what would interest me!

The choice between good and evil decisions affects gameplay in--appropriately enough--two ways. First, each decision takes the game in a completely different direction, splitting off in a different story. By the time the game will be finished, we will have tons of different endings, which will range from happy to sad, redemptive to tragic, sober to utterly goddamn ridiculous. This is another reason why the game will take us a long-ass time to finish. Henchgirl has one storyline planned out that goes into full-on silver age silliness. Because she can.

In addition to stories, your choices will also affect the morality of Harvey himself. When you start off the game, Harvey is neutral between good and evil, as characterized in a spectrum based on Harvey's own unique taste in fashion. Seriously, I love that Henchgirl is going for an old-school Harvey color scheme here. This game has cred! So by the end of the game, you can either have truly redeemed Harvey, or corrupted him worse than ever before. Whee, playing god!

Depending on the choices you make along the way, your ethical alignment can be anything between pure good and pure evil. Play your cards right, and you might end up being heroic or a jerk!

Note: morality script by DiamondandPlatinum3

Of course, this wouldn't be Gotham without the rogues, so the game features several villain hideouts, which are basically dungeons. Villains and their lairs include Killer Croc in the sewers (along with a guest villain or two), the Riddler's Riddle of the Minotaur labyrinth, the Mad Hatter's trippy Wonderland, Mister Freeze in Arctic World from Batman Returns, and more! These will feature instances with lots of henchmen and minibosses, as well as dozens of puzzles that will surely drive you nuts. Henchgirl is a delightful sadist like that.

Eddie, as you can see, is subtle and restrained as always.

The Wonderland level will offer all manner of opportunity for fun and weirdness. Also: yes, those are the Tweeds, and yes, that's Breyfogle art for their images. Like I said, this game has cred!

For the actual battles, we need full body images for each opponent. This proved to be more difficult than anticipated, as it's way harder than you might expect to find full body shots of these characters! As such, Henchgirl created several of her own versions of the rogues made from various pre-existing battlers, Frankensteining and heavily editing some of Thalzon's battlers, as you can see by the Mr. Freeze up above. I'm quite pleased with how the Victor turned out.

In some ways, the dungeon I'm most looking forward to playing is the Scarecrow's, and not just because Squishy is Henchgirl's forte. Here's a quick teaser (apologizes for the small image):

This dungeon will easily be the most minimal, but it also promises to be the most effective, both in terms of atmosphere and character. Since this is Professor Crane we're dealing with here, this dungeon will be one of the places where we can actually peel back the layers of Harvey's psyche. Storylines like this one will feature some more personal aspects of Harvey's life/lives and past, which I'm very excited to explore.

Finally, we were trying to figure out how to make a usable RPG map for Gotham City, a task which is also much tricker than you might think. To deal with this, Henchgirl has finagled a subway system to transport Harvey to various parts around Gotham, each featuring a number of its own shops, dungeons, secret areas, and more!

A heck of a lot of work has gone into this game so far, and a heck of a lot more will be required before we're through. Rest assured, we will keep you updated here as it progresses along!
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