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So for the past week, I've working on another big round-up post of news and announcements, but go figure, I've gotten so long-winded on them all that I've decided to just turn them into a bunch of their own mini-posts to keep activity going here between actual reviews. First up, here's something which I should have posted about two weeks ago! Whee!

You may remember the recent issue of Legends of the Dark Knight where Harvey underwent brain surgery in an attempt to remove Two-Face, and Batman screwed it up. You may also remember that the issue's author, TV producer Jonathan Larsen, popped up in the comments to offer his gracious thoughts and responses, and when he mentioned that he had some new projects in the pipeline, I told him to let us know when they were coming out. Welp, two weeks ago, he returned to announce that his new comic is being released, and you can read it now! For free! I'll let Mr. Larsen's comment speak for itself, with a couple added hotlinks by me:

I promised I'd let you know when my new project was out, and it is, so here I am! It's a free, weekly webcomic called "The Endling," and the first installment is up now, by me, an Italian artist I found named Cecilia Latella and my old Batman partner Paul Mounts on colors. It's been shepherded by comic-book deity Mark Waid and it'll be appearing on Thrillbent every Thursday. Please like The Endling on Facebook so you can let us know what you think and get notified when new installments go up. Thanks again!

Because it's taken me two weeks to get off my butt and post all this, the third part was just released today, so you can check out the first three installments back to back! So far, I'm really digging it, partially since it feels reminiscent of the 80's revival of The Twilight Zone, which is definitely a compliment (Alan Brennert was one of the show-runners, and this reminds me of one of his best episodes). I also really like the reading experience of Thrillbent in general, which utilizes the format in cool and effective ways. Give it a read, like it on Facebook, and let Mr. Larsen know what you think! And check out some of the other comics on Thrillbent, if you get the chance! It looks like a noble venture which deserves to do well!

Right, back to working on the other news and announcement tidbits! Hopefully LJ will stop being screwy in time for the upcoming barrage of mini-posts over the next week. I reiterate: whee!
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Recently, I posted this awesome webcomic about Two-Face, which showed more understanding of Harvey Dent than most things we've seen in actual published comics. It wasn't necessarily a definitive take, since there's certainly room to dispute Surrealist Obituaries author Deptford's take on Harvey, but it was a brilliantly insightful and compelling strip nonetheless, perfectly executed by the end.

That said, there was some question about whether or not that kind of Two-Face could be sustained for an entire story. Coincidentally, after writing The Silver Dollar, Deptford found that he wasn't finished writing about Harvey, and decided to put that question to the test by doing an eight-strip Two-Face story with an original character.

My immediate reaction was to be excited for more Deptford Two-Face, but hesitant due to the OC. Man, OCs in fanfic can really go either way, too often falling into the many Mary Sue traps out there. One of the best ways to do that is to subvert those tropes, which [livejournal.com profile] bitemetechie/[livejournal.com profile] dr_von_fangirl did brilliantly with this short Scarecrow fic, Sack Cloth and Chicken Soup. I know I'm biased and all, but that one's a must-read. So an OC with this story? Yeah, I was concerned.

How did it all turn out? Well, as often happens, I'm of two minds. In fact, for this one, I'd rather hash it out in the comments with you folks than do a full review, since this is Christmas and I do have family stuff to do. I just don't have the time nor brain power to give this the review it deserves right now. But since the story actually ends on Christmas, and people will be asking me about the story anyway, I'd like to post it now anyway, presented here all here in one chunk for your reading pleasure.

For now, I'll just say that there's tons of good stuff here, excellently written and paced throughout. Several times throughout, I laughed out loud, I got chills, and I was even moved. I greatly look forward to your thoughts, and will be gradually posting mine in the comments as I'm able.

Oh, and since Deptford invokes a couple Leonard Cohen songs, here a couple for your listening pleasure, one for Harvey and the other for Two-Face (although when it comes to capturing that side, I tend to opt for Nick Cave's cover instead, because I'm the kind of geek who's actually given this thought before!).

The entire saga of Harvey and Firecracker, behind the cut )
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Something awesome was brought to my attention this past weekend, and boy, I needed it.

First, some venting about online Batman-fandom stuff that's been pissing me off for the past week. Feel free to either read or just skip to the comic! )

So thank god for a guy named DeptFord, artist for the webcomic Surrealist Obituaries who sent me a PM a couple of days ago. Deptford is a Two-Face fan who read a bunch of my Two-Face Tuesday entries over at scans_daily (the series of posts that led me to creating About_Faces in the first place), which had subsequently inspired to dedicate a whole strip to Harvey.

I was intrigued but apprehensive, as I've seen a LOT of sub-so-so fan fic/art out there, and even some of the truly GOOD stuff can frustrate me because it doesn't fit my own criteria of what makes a good Two-Face story. Case in point: the best Two-Face fanfic I've ever read is firmly set in the Nolanverse, with "RAY-CHULL" motivation fully intact. So, feeling that I wasn't in the right mood to critically appreciate (read: JUDGE) an examination of a character for whom I have very strong and particular opinions, I put off reading Deptford's comic for a couple of days.

Now I feel a bit like a fool. Not only did I have nothing to worry about, but this comic is... well, I'll just let it speak for itself, and discuss it at the end. But read it. Read it read it read it.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Two-Face's personal philosophy but were understandably afraid to ask )

Now, that said, I have to wonder how applicable this can be to any given take on Two-Face we've seen. Take Eye of the Beholder, for instance, which gives a very specific idea of what the coin means to Harvey. What would it say about Harvey if he held this philosophy using the instrument his father used for years of physical and psychological abuse? What about DeMatteis' Two-Face: Crime and Punishment, which greatly emphasized the adversarial conflict between Harvey's two halves? Is there a way to reconcile that tormented Harvey Dent with the one who seems to have found the best answer available to him?

I welcome your ideas, although I fear that there's no simple answer. Then again, there never is when it comes to trying to reconcile all or even some takes on Two-Face, no matter how great each may be. That said, speaking as someone who really resonates on a personal level with the "abusive alcoholic parent" origin, the idea of Harvey giving himself up to a non-religious "higher power" takes on a WHOLE new resonance for those us who know our Twelve Steps.


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